Field trip!!!

I have to say that one of the loveliest bits of my job is meeting our clients.  Ron and I took a field trip last week to Hoboken, NJ to visit our clients Autumn and Michael and their two adorable twin daughters Stella and Olivia.  Ron made Autumn and Michael’s wedding cake in October 2006.  Since then we see this wonderful couple at various events throughout the city each year.  Michael has always talked about us going over to Hoboken for dinner.  Well after 3 years of us talking about it – we finally went!

The evening started off at the Hoboken fire department where Michael is Captain. Of course Ron let his inner child loose –  he tried on a helmut, sat in the truck and asked many, many questions…

Ron had fun at the fire house. Thanks Michael for the tour!

Then it was off to their apartment.  It was really a fantastic evening of meeting their little girls and catching up with our clients. (Friends now really…) They made a delicious homemade Italian dinner.  (Which is no feat by the way – I am gluten free and Ron is Kosher – but Michael did it!)

What fantastic hosts! Thank you for inviting us over to meet your family!

And for dessert we were treated to Carlos bakery treats!
We can't forget Scout!
It was the perfect way to end our workweek. Excellent company, delicious food and lots of laughs! Thanks for the fun Autumn and Michael!

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