Some decorating tips from Ron…

A couple of times a year Ron participates in demos at the International Culinary Center (aka – The French Culinary Institute) for alumni, current students and faculty.  He recently shared his knowledge with a demo earlier on this week and I though it might be kind of fun to share  a few of the tips he demonstrated…

– You can make matte fondant look shiny by using a steamer.

We use a large clothing steamer at the bakery. (We only use distilled water in the steamer - you can purchase this at a drug store.)

– Use a little vegetable shortening on a pairing knife when cutting fondant at the base of a cake tier.

Using the vegetable shortening on the knife makes this process so much easier.

-If you don’t have a large enough rolling pin to roll out fondant, use PVC pipe – it’s cheap, light and effective. (Even though we use sheeters here in the bakery – we still use PVC pipe.)

You can see the large sheeter beside Robin, but she still uses the PVC pipe to aid her in covering cakes.

One thought on “Some decorating tips from Ron…

  1. Thanks a bunch! Since I can’t attend his classes, I appreciate any tips from him that I can get. He is my hero!
    Oh, and a couple of questions:

    I believe you mentioned he would be featured in an upcoming Food Network magazine and I haven’t seen it on the stands. Do I remember incorrectly or is it not out yet?

    And, when are the new “Sweet Genius” shows airing?

    Thanks for your friendly and informative blog. I always read your posts.

    Sweet Blessings!

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