Lets talk china…

We love to be challenged by something.  Martha Stewart Weddings came to us early last summer and asked us to contribute to a cake story for the winter issue.  What was our inspiration to be? China.  They gave us a whole bunch of china tableware to be inspired by.  My favorite was the china from Hermes.   The colors were bold and the pattern intricate and I was excited to see how the crew would execute this design.  Once again, I was blown away at what the team accomplished.  The execution was clean and deliberate and the color palette complimented a look that was modern and masculine.

Here is the cake and the Hermes china that we were inspired by.
Our Production Manager, Jason took on this particular cake challenge. there was a lot of tile work involved!
Close up of the intricate tiling work.

I always come back to this, inspiration.  If we didn’t have it – it would be really tough for us to do our job.  If you are a baker and working with a client trying to figure out a design for their wedding cake, ask them what kind of china they registered for.  You never know, your inspiration could be in their tableware.

4 thoughts on “Lets talk china…

  1. De verdad que trabajo, es super minucioso, los felicito, para poder hacer este tipo de cosas hay que tener muchisimia paciencia, y amor al alrte, felicidades

  2. OMG How Long did this cake take. It is amazing the tiny details…..I am a cake hobbyist (that what I call my self since I am not at a cake decorator level yet) I have always wanted to try something like this but I am imtimidated. Thank you

  3. Excellent idea! I ask for so many other ideas for the cakes I design but somehow never think to ask this question. Strange, since I do so love designs in china and all the gorgeous patterns and detail.

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