Before & After…

This month Ron is featured in Food Network Magazine demonstrating how to make his delicious chocolate cake. As a thank you – the magazine sent over a chocolate version of the cover.

On the left Ron is getting started on this very large bar of chocolate and on the right it's very obvious that this man enjoys his sweets!!!

4 thoughts on “Before & After…

  1. I am so lucky that I have this issue! The recipe is very straightforward and explanatory. Thank you Ron and Cake Girl!

  2. Thank you for the photos, Cake Girl. It´s fantástic to see Ron so happy. He deserves! He is a genious! If you can, some day, put here the recipe for we, people across the sea, to try it too. I love your blog, read it all last night.
    You are all a fantastic team. Keep going_!

  3. I picked up a copy of this magazine today! Already tried the cake, turned out rich chocolate tasting, light sponge & moist. YUMMY! FYI: there is a misprint from ingredients(no water) to method(add water). I figured it out no problem & the cake turned out great! Unfortunately an inexperienced baker may have issues with this. Proof reading is so important 🙂

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