My favorite client…

Just about 3 years ago, Marianna and her husband Christopher came in for a consultation for their wedding cake. I got a call from Marianna last week that she needed an appointment for a birthday cake.  I asked for who, and she told me it was for her son’s first birthday.

This is little Benjamin trying cake for the first time...he really enjoyed it!

 This is why I love my job so much.  Every day is a celebration and now I am designing a Snoopy cake for Benjamin’s first birthday. And it was a pleasure!  And to top it off, it was Benjamin’s first time eating cake….and he loved it!

It's always a treat reconnecting with our clients. It's fun to see them grow as a couple and into a family. Grandma came along for the visit as well and we all had fun planning Benjamin's cake together.

 So thank you Marianna for bringing Benjamin in. It’s always a nice reminder of the joy we bring into people’s lives. It was so far one of my most favorite meetings I have ever had with a client.

One thought on “My favorite client…

  1. Aww too cute, very lucky boy to have a Ron Ben confection! Is there a picture of the cake they went with? Love your blog Rebecca 🙂

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