Simple and elegant…

The design of this cake is elegant and chic. The reason why this cake is “over-the-top” is because of its size.  The cake when completed was almost 6 feet tall. Between each layer of cake is a floral separator.  This is a faux tier made of styrofoam, covered in green fondant.  The sugar flowers are then set inserted into the stryrofoam, these are placed between each tier of cake and when doing so, doubles the height of the cake itself.  We assemble the cake in the bakery to make sure it all goes together before being set-up on location.  When packing this cake for delivery, it will be put in multiple boxes and assembled on sight.

Jason and Jeffrey putting the cake together before it goes to the location.
Here is the cake in the studio. The "details" on this cake for us are the flowers. The one thing Ron insists upon is how realistic our flowers look. The staff takes the time to research in books and visiting the flower market to make sure they are getting as many details as possible.

Some facts about this cake:

– Almost 6 feet in height

– serves 500 guests

– 115 various sized sugar roses (all made by Ron)

– 57 Calla Lilies

– 33 Cymbidium Orchids

– 20 Rununculas

– 15 Peonies

– 14 Penoy buds

– 14 Hydrangea Bunches

– Total sugar flowers for this cake: 268 hand made sugar flowers, made by 6 people in 5 days.

Jason and our driver John on location taking the cake out of the box and setting up in the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel.
Here is the cake on location at the Plaza Hotel. It fits the space beautifully and coordinates with the floral decor. (Photo courtesy of Fred Marcus Studios)

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