Remember the stapler?

I know this in not “cake” related, but it is work related for me.  So, I am revisiting a post from earlier on this year.  The one that I talked about Ron’s “beloved” acrylic stapler.  (You know the one that looked good, but didn’t work. That is my opinion by the way, Ron of course thought the stapler worked “fine” – which was about every third time… )

 As I was doing my holiday shopping, I came across a very fancy stapler, Swingline, the kind my 1stgrade teacher had on her desk.  I knew Ron just had to have it.  Happy Chanukah Ron!

The look on Ron's face was priceless as he opened his new stapler, he was happy and conflicted all at the same time!
Ron using he new stapler for the first time. It is so shiny and pretty!

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