How does he do that?

Ron has developed a lot of techniques in his short time being a baker and cake decorator. (Some of them we share with you, some of them we never will, sorry folks – we have to keep the mystery!)  One of the things he gets a lot of compliments on is when he uses confectionary lace as a design element on cake surfaces.  We get many phone calls and emails asking where we get the lace molds.  Well, Ron makes them.  He makes them out of silicone.  Ron taught himself how to master this craft.  It’s fun to watch him makes things out of silicone too, it’s like science class.  This is just one more way that Ron has taken “customizing” to the next level.  What can be more fun than seeing the lace from your wedding dress crafted into sugar and applied to your wedding cake.

Here is a mold that Ron made earlier this year. There are many steps to this process, this collage of photos only highlights a few off them.

(Now I know you are all going to ask me if we sell the molds to the public.  We do not, I am sorry.  Even though we produce a big product here at the bakery, please keep in mind that we are still a small business and we are just not setup to make molds and sell them.)

This is from a wedding earlier on this year, note the similarity in the lace on the dress and the lace crafted in sugar on the cake.

5 thoughts on “How does he do that?

  1. I love this technique! I dream of mastering it myself (hopefully very soon). It’s so elegant and unique. Thank you for sharing snapshots of the magician making his “cake spells”.

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