Cake flavors, whom are we trying to please?

After Ron finishes designing a cake with a client, he always finishes his meeting with the tasting.  He works on the outside first and then the inside.  Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding cake flavors:

What flavor of cake will I serve my guests?

Ron always suggests to his couples to get the flavors they want.  Everything for your reception should be a reflection of who you both are.  You will never be able to please every single person at your reception, however people are there to celebrate you and your marriage.  The environment, dinner, flowers, cake etc…are the experiences you have created to share with your guests.  It’s more memorable when everything is “favorites” of the couple and that absolutely applies to the flavor of your cake!

Our chef Robin checking to see if the chocolate cake is done.

A few of my guests have an allergy to wheat, eggs, milk etc, what kind of cake should I get?

Make sure your baker can accommodate your allergy requests.   In our bakery we can do gluten free, dairy free (parve) and of course our signature cakes made out of butter.  Ron and our head chef have spent a lot of time on recipe development.  So our gluten free and dairy free cakes are delicious and we would have no problem recommending them as a whole cake to serve all of your guests.  If you have one or two people with an allergy issue, and want to serve a regular cake for your guests, purchase a smaller cake that can accommodate the allergy or ask the pastry chef at the venue to create a personalized dessert for that person.

Of course we love our eggs and butter! But can accommodate some dietary restrictions.

Can each tier of cake have it’s own flavor?

Yes it can, however if you do that you will not have equal portions of each flavor to serve your guests.  The bottom tier will serve the most, as your go up in height, your tiers get smaller and so do your portions. The top tier from our bakery is always for the bride and groom to take home for their first anniversary.  So everything below the top tier will serve your guests.  If you are doing a seated dinner and the cake will be served to each guest, we recommend that your whole cake be the same flavor.  If you are serving your cake and desserts buffet style, you can go with different flavors for each tier, but keep in mind you will not have equal portions.

Ron suggests serving the same flavor of cake to all of your guests. Treat the cake like a "composed" dessert. Mix up cake and buttercream flavors to give your guests an unexpected surprise.

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