What do you put this thing on?

You take the time to meet with a client, design a cake, provide the tasting, decorate the cake and make sure it gets to the venue in one piece.  The next big question, what are we going to put this cake on?

Ahhh, yes, the cake table.  The cake after all is part of your décor and whatever it sits on should go with the rest of the room.  It’s always a debate as to what to put on the table. Candles? Flowers? You don’t want the décor of the table to overshadow the workmanship on the cake.  If you are doing a more modern design on your cake, perhaps pick a sleek looking table and forget the linen. If linen is your thing, pick a variation of the dinner table linen.  If you do want flowers on the cake table, choose blooms that will compliment the cake.


Whatever you choose, make sure you have the knife and server and two glasses of champagne. (To toast each other of course. Oh….and a napkin for additional cleanup – just in case!)

2 thoughts on “What do you put this thing on?

  1. I LOVE these photos. The tables really are the perfect complement to the gorgeous cakes. Would LOVE to see a better photo of the cake in the library room. I know this blog post is supposed to be about presentation, but I can’t help being curious about that unusual looking cake!

  2. I was lucky to find this nyccakegirl.wordpress.com blog. I’m so amazed by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?

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