Thanks Ron!!!!!

When I interviewed with Ron for my job, we spent one hour talking about my qualifications.  The other hour and half we talked about our love of theater.  The first show we saw together?  The Producers.  We laughed through the whole thing.

Our love of theater sometimes interrupts our workday.  There might be a burst of song, or better yet an impromptu dance performance by Ron himself in the production room.

Last night he met a friend (who works for the Roundabout Theater Company) and Tyler passed on a little something to Ron, and then in turn passed it on to me.

Ron took me to see "Anything Goes" this year right after Sutton Foster won the Tony award for best actress in a musical. It's one of the best shows I have ever seen on Broadway. And now I have a signed Playbill from the cast. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Thanks Ron!

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