Friends….and cake scraps…

Had a wonderful weekend with some of my closest friends.  We cooked, went to the beach, played Yahtzee, went to a polo match and oh yea…they ate cake scraps.

Cake scrap use #254: Cake scraps, fresh summer berries (we had raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) and fresh whipped cream.  Put it in a bowl in no particular order and then eat.  My friends we were very happy with this cake scrap dessert!

What a delicious way to end the day! Sitting out in my friend Sharon and Dave's backyard on a cool summer night sipping cocktails and making cake scrap desserts. (Yes, the cake scraps are in ziplock bags...)

3 thoughts on “Friends….and cake scraps…

  1. Hi im from england and i am a pastry chef but not fully trained. i would love the opportunity to work with you guys when i come to live there in sep 2011.

  2. Yummmm! Uses for Cake Scraps could have a blog of its own! I love finding new ways to use scraps but usually they end up being a way for my 2 girls to practice their Caking skills! And eat of course LOL

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