Before and after…

October 10, 2010 was a very busy weekend for us.  So I thought I would show you what our walk-in fridge looked like that weekend…

Before: here are cakes in the fridge - fondanted, stacked and ready to be decorated...
After: cakes are decorated and waiting to get boxed.

6 thoughts on “Before and after…

  1. Is it wrong that I prefer the before picture??? lol – Obviously the after is stunning, but there is just something about a perfectly fondanted (is that a word?) cake that I could just gaze at for hour!!

  2. Wow perfection, amazing may I ask do you use Satin Ice Fondant that is refrigerated as I use Bakels in Sydney, Australia and it can not be refrigerated.

    Also love your blog and all the sharing 🙂

  3. I would die for a fridge like that! But oh well, I dont do that many cakes anyway so an (extra) normal sized fridge is enough 🙂 Cakes look perfect as usual!


  4. This is interesting since I thought once a cake has the flowers on, it cannot be put in a refrigerator. However, yours is a professional cooler and may have less moisture maybe. I love the photos, thank you for sharing.

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