Ron said I could show you…

Ron has allowed me to share with you another “insiders” sneak peak into our little bakery world. Our production closet. It may not seem like much to someone who is not in our industry, but to someone who is a cake artist – this closet is filled with things that it took Ron 15 years to find and our staff has access to these tools everyday. (And because space is limited in NYC – everything in this closet has its place.) Allow me to give you a tour…

1. floral tape

2. wire cutters & scissors

3. water

4. corn starch

5. mixing palettes

6. dusting colors

7. foam – for drying and forming

8. wire drying racks

9. styrofoam for drying flowers

10. spoon boards

11. cutting mats

12. flower cutters

13. disco dust storage

14. paint brush, ball tools and palette knives

15. stamens

16. step stools for our vertically challenged staff (that would include me too…)

9 thoughts on “Ron said I could show you…

  1. Fabulous! If only my decorating gear was this well organised. I now have a very bad case of closet envy.
    Thanks for sharing with us. I love being able to read a snippet about the business every day. I’m in Australia, so I love that I can log on each morning to a new post that has appeared overnight.

  2. Very interesting to see how you organize. Of course you’ve got lots more fun tools than I have to create with, so I, too, am envious–especially of the drawer you have with the silicone molds you’ve created over the years from designer laces, etc. It must be amazing! Ron’s worked hard to be the best.

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