What are we making today?

Even though I don’t work in the production room, I do have some idea as to how some of our flowers are made.  Our interns are a big part of our production team and one of the flowers they make is hydrangea.  We use a lot of these pretty little blossoms on our cakes.  And today the interns are making cream hydrangea.

Our 3 interns Emma, Jason & Ming at there workstation setup to make hydrangea.
Emma extracting a cut hydrangea with her ball tool.
Ming forming the edges of hydrangea with his fingers.
Jason rolling out sugar dough and hydrangea hanging upside down to dry.
Emma using her ball toll to frill the edges of the blossom.

2 thoughts on “What are we making today?

  1. I love reading your posts, I just love the little insight I get into your incredible studio and the amazing craftsmanship that goes on. I stare at the photo’s and imagine it’s me sitting there making sugar hydrangea 🙂 Sad I know, but I love it lol.

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