Inspiration…where do you find it?

Ron tells his staff over and over again that the world around you can be a constant source of inspiration.  Just open your eyes and take a look.  What are some of the things Ron gets excited about?  Fashion, architecture, flowers, locations.  Ron is largely known for his sugar flower work.  He has collected quite an array of books over the past couple of years for his staff to use as references while working in the studio.  It’s very important to him that our sugar flowers show as much “naturalness” as possible.

Beautiful coral peonies from last night's event on the left. Our version of the same peony made out of sugar on the right.
Hydrangea that I used in my arrangement on the left and sweet peas and hydrangea that we make out of sugar in the studio.

Last night I was invited to an event with one of our favorite florists that we like to recommend, Flowers of the World (FOTW).  They provide us with a weekly arrangement that we have in the front room for our clients to see.  (That weekly arrangement also provides us with endless amounts of inspiration, from the display itself to the flowers that were chosen in the arrangement to the color choices that were made.)  So last night, I went to a flower class on fashion forward arrangements that used fashion and color as the main inspiration for our project.  The staff at FOTW are so informative, answered all questions regarding care of flowers, conditioning the water, groupings, assembly etc…

Shane and Sara of Flowers of the world during their informative demonstration.
Workstations set up for the students.
Of course I couldn't just not show up with out a sweet treat for the guests! We shared our "candy bar" collection of tastings with the students. Almond Joy and Milky Way. I also brought some of our sugar flowers to put on display.

For my project I choose two very bold colors – coral peonies and bright pink hydrangea and green hosta leaves as an accent.  The color palette was vibrant and would have looked beautiful on a cake!

Me and my finished project...

So take a look at the world around you, find out what excites you and gives you inspiration.  Figure out a way to incorporate that into your design, tweak it, re-invent it, you never know – that could be your “signature” element to the cakes that you do.

One of my favorite arrangements that Flowers of the World has sent us. Bright, beautiful and unique. (Please visit them here

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