Make the recommendation…we do….

While the wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, it’s still a very small little world where the vendors are concerned.  We all kind of know each other (or have at least heard of each other), and we all definitely have our favorites that we like to work with.  I am in a very unique position of knowing many different kinds of wedding vendors, even though we are just a bakery. We meet these professionals at bridal events, on location and sometimes on the street. Ron has worked very hard to make sure that he knows who the players are in the wedding arena.  We are only one part of the process, however we are a big part of the whole.  I have lots of couples that come in for their wedding cake and are still in need of: florists, DJ’s, favors, rentals, mother of the bride dresses, wedding dresses, locations for rehearsal dinners, etc…  When we meet with clients, we like to find out the whole picture: who’s your planner, location, florist, dress purchase, the whole nine yards.  If our clients are still looking for a particular vendor we happily give our favorite suggestions.

We do this for a couple of reasons, number 1, it is just good business, always refer the people who you know do a great job and in turn they will refer you.  Number 2, we know the kind of work that the vendor produces.  Even though we are just a baker, we are the last part of your event delivery.  While the reception venue is getting the final touches, we are delivering the cake.  We see the décor, the floral, the bar set up, attention to detail by the planner, the wait staff and their willingness to help…we see all the little things. Number 3, your clients will be grateful to you and the suggestions you provide, making their process a touch easier and even easier for you if they decide to hire your suggestion.

So go ahead, make the suggestion for your favorite vendor. Because when it comes down to business, really, it’s the little things that make a lasting impression.

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