July??? How can you already be thinking about July???

While we are in full swing of wedding season, June being one of our busy months of the year, I am already thinking about July, August and even September.  A question that we hear quite frequently is how many cakes can you do in a weekend?  That is a tricky question to answer.  It really depends on the kind of cakes we have booked for any particular weekend.  But really, it’s all about our planning ahead. Ideally we would love to see all of our clients at least 6 months in advance. (Especially for the months of May, June, September & October.)  The earlier we have the information regarding each cake, and the clients commitment to the design, the earlier we can start making the sugar elements of their cakes.  Sugar flowers can be made months in advance, the same with sugar objects for other kinds of celebration cakes.  We can do 15 cakes in a weekend (and we have) because of early planning. (And by the way this is all done with minimal overtime.)  Our production manager and head chef really know how to schedule these projects from conception to completion.  (We do take last minute projects, but they are carefully folded into the schedule, after all we do have a commitment for those that have booked us earlier.)

My files. This is the hub of all things regarding our clients projects.

So, even though July isn’t here yet, I am in the process of putting together the schedule and emailing our clients to make sure they have given me the bits of information that we need to make their cake special.

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