A bakery bustling with activity…

As we progress further and further into our “season”, the staff gets busier and busier with multiple projects.  This week is no exception. Ron has been busy with the crew making sure that all the design elements are implemented to his liking. The interns have been very helpful this week with getting the rest of the production team ready to decorate cakes.   We have some very beautiful wedding cakes coming up this weekend.  We have some couples that are not afraid of a little color. (This really excites us; we love to see our clients think outside the box!) We have some beautiful lace that is being replicated as well as a cake inspired by the tablecloth at the wedding. (Pictures will be posted next week….)

Ron and Jason looking over a tablecloth that is being used as the inspiration for confectionary applique design for a cake.
Robin filling cakes for this weekend.
One of our interns, Ming, hand painting shimmer on hundres of little sugar blossoms for a cake this weekend.
Interns Charlotte & Emma working on lime green "champagne" bubbles for a birthtday cake for this weekend.
What's a champagne bubble without a little sparkle, just giving the bubble a little "disco" dust...
Ron completing separators for a floating tier cake.

3 thoughts on “A bakery bustling with activity…

  1. Hi Rebecca- we absolutely loved the finished product of our cake from our May 21st wedding. Thanks to the team for making such a breathtaking and delicious cake! Can’t wait for our 1st wedding anniversary to eat our top tier!

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