A gluten free girl in a bakery world…

Oh yes, it’s true.  I have a gluten allergy.  Oh the irony.  It’s not Celiac’s but it’s enough of an allergy where I had to alter my eating habits possibly for the rest of my life.  How did I find out? About 6 months into me working in the bakery I was getting really sick and having constant migraine headaches.  It took about a month for my doctor to diagnosis me through a blood test.

It was really hard at first.  All of the things you love are gone, bread, pasta and a slice of NYC pizza (oh I miss you!) and of course vanilla cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite!).  It was really a hard adjustment at first. Of course working in a bakery didn’t help either.  For those of you out there that are lucky enough to have a slice of Ron’s cake, knows what I mean.  I can have all the swiss meringue buttercream a girl could ask for (not really good for the thighs though on a daily basis…) but not the moist delicious cake.

It meant that I wasn’t the only one out there!  (Even though when you go to dinner with friends and they want Italian, you still feel so alone.) Although, in the past 3 years the gluten free foods have gotten better; taste, texture, everything.

For the longest time the bakery had only 2 offerings of cakes: regular cakes and parve cakes (dairy free).  And now you ask?  We have a gluten free line of cakes!!! (So rejoice my fellow wheat allergy people.) AND?  THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!! The first time we tried the recipe was at Ron’s birthday party last year. Chocolate Cake with a dash of Grand Marnier, chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and gooey caramel. It was moist, sweet and gluten free. Nobody new any better.

My one of a kind RBI Cake for last year's birthday.

So my gluten free friends, don’t be afraid to ask what your options are, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Cutting into my delicious birthday cake - vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream - my favorite!!!!

(And for my friend who commented yesterday about being gluten free and wanting to pursue a career in baking/pastry…talk to whatever school you plan on enrolling in, let them know about your allergy and see what can be worked out. More and more people are acknowledging wheat allergies and we need bakers out there that can make something delicious. So go pursue that dream of yours and let me know when you open that bakery…me and my allergy will be waiting.)


3 thoughts on “A gluten free girl in a bakery world…

  1. Hey Becca! I love this post!!!! I have been looking for good cakes that are gluten free, one in particular to celebrate our 10 year anniversary…a replica of ours from our wedding day. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well, feeling great and a success! Love and miss you!

  2. I agree, being able to still taste-test SMBC is nice 🙂 I am glad you’re doing well on the GF diet too – I’ve found that it is much easier to stay away from unhealthy foods when I know they will literally make me sick, it is so not worth it. And Thank You so much for the encouragement!!! I really want to start a dessert catering business and I’ll let you know when I do!

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