It’s not all about cakes….(this could be almost a “Seinfeld” moment)

You wanted to know the ins-and-outs of my job.  Let me tell you about the stapler situation here at the bakery.  Yes, I said, “stapler situation”.  When I first started working here, the stapler I would use was the clear, acrylic stapler that Ron LOVED.  If you asked him why he liked it so much, he would say, “Because it’s pretty.”  Every time I tried to use this “pretty” stapler, it would jam on me.  And not just your little jamming of the stapler, I would have to take the thing apart and put it back together. But when Ron would use it, it would be fine. (Most of the time….he has had his moments too…)  It drove me crazy!  So after a couple of years, I got a small little air powered stapler that I use and can staple up to 20 pages at once!  (Ok – for a girl who pretty much sits at a desk all day, it’s the little things that keep me happy.)  And it doesn’t jam on me, and it’s pink and it doesn’t jam on me. (Oh yea – I already said that – but it doesn’t jam on me!)

My functional stapler on the left and Ron's "pretty" stapler on the right.

Ron has issues with his pretty stapler now, maybe because it’s old, maybe because it’s “pretty”, who knows.  So when there is a stapler “incident” I laugh at him and ask him if he wants to use the fun, air powered, pink one.  He just makes a face at me and tries to use his stapler, and I still laugh.  Lucky enough for me this happens at least once a week and this will probably continue for years to come.  Oh yes, it’s silly but it’s not always about cake.

One thought on “It’s not all about cakes….(this could be almost a “Seinfeld” moment)

  1. Lucky for you that he (and you!) have a sense of humor, and a sense of esthetics. Imagine a horrible AND ugly stapler to deal with…
    I love your picture, by the way of the two staplers. For a split second I thought they were made of sugar and was totally blown away!

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