First big weekend of the “season”…

I would personally like to welcome all of you to the start of the 2011 “wedding season”.  This is a big weekend for us as we have 13 cakes going out.  So, of course I woke up at 3am and ran to my computer to check my online schedule to make sure everything is on the up an up.  I will also check this schedule about 10 other times today to calm my nerves.  I start to really get anxious at about 3pm when I know that deliveries are being made.  And then I become that obnoxious person that always checks my phone in case our staff person delivering has called me with any concerns.

Tomorrow, I will be doing deliveries.  Yes, even I know how to set up cakes (topsy-turvy, floating tiers and whatever else my crazy talented staff has dreamed up).  Please remember that my title at work has “etc…” in it.  I will be going to 3 locations, and I am actually invited to one of the parties! (Happy Birthday David Beahm!)

We could only fit 9 of the cakes in this walk in fridge, the other 4 are in the other one.

So let it begin…my weekends will now be filled with lots of anxiety (as Ron’s are too I am sure…).  “Did the cake get there?” “Did the client like how it looked?” Did they think it tasted good?”  These are the questions that will occupy my mind until November.  But that’s OK, I love what I do…

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