To sketch or not to sketch….it’s a good question…

A subject that I have tackled before a few years ago regarding cake sketches and it still hold true today. Have a read and let me know your thoughts on wether to sketch a cake while sitting at a sales meeting…

NYC Cake Girl

In my job I read a lot of wedding magazines for research.  I like to see what’s trending for cakes, flowers, dresses, décor and what advice they are offering brides for their wedding process.  A few years ago a piece of advice magazines were offering were to get “visuals” from your vendors.  I do have some thoughts on this and I actually wish the magazines would ask the vendors their point of view on this subject.

I do have to say that we do very little sketching here at the bakery.  There is a good reason for this, if we have done the structure before, there is no need for us to do a sketch.  90% of the time we are recreating the same structures, sure the surface details change and the flowers change, but not the structure.  We always offer the client a photo of a cake that is…

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