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When I come into the bakery first thing in the morning, I sit at my desk and start going through my emails.  I get emails about cakes, Ron’s teaching schedule, booking appointments, client details and my favorite are the Sweet Genius emails.  I received this one a few days ago:

The following message was sent to the Food Network, and I wanted to send a copy direclty to you. 

This in regards to Sweet Genius, specifically to request the new format be discarded.  My husband and I started watching Chef Ron last season, and because of Chef Ron’s personality, we were hooked.  We are very disappointed with the new season of Sweet Genius, as the format limits Chef Ron’s personality to drive the show.  Now, instead of Chef Ron describing the challenges, the secret ingredients and the inspirations, and adding his humor and personality, there is a cold, computer generated female voice. Thus, the major component for watching the show, Chef Ron, has become limited, as is our interest in the show. Hopefully, other viewers who have enjoyed Sweet Genius because of Chef Ron, will also contact the Food Network and request the old format return.   Thank you for your time.


My reply to Durinda:

Thank you for watching Ron and his show.  You will be happy to know that you are currently watching re-runs of season 1.  He is filming season 3 right now and will be his lovely charming self that you saw in season 2.

Durinda’s response:

 I am so happy to hear we were watching re-runs!  Obviously, I am no Sweet Genius.  My husband and I both had a good laugh at our mistake.  Thank you for your quick response!   We look forward to Season 3. 


Devoted fans – Michael and Durinda

These kinds of emails make my day. Thank you to all who watch Ron’s show!


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Our friend Zac Young (you may recognize him from the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts and of Unique Sweets) stopped by the bakery today to give us a tutorial on how he makes his famous “Disco Blueberries” that adorns his Lemon Meringue dessert.  He just started as the Pastry Chef in the David Burke Kitchen in the James Hotel here in Soho.  Definitely stop by for some delicious treats from one of our favorite pastry chefs.  Thanks for the visit!!!

1. You will need Blueberries, Luster Dust and edible Disco
2. Put blueberries in a big bowl
3. Spray with Luster Dust, move them around the bowl to make sure they are all covered
4. Sprinkle your edible Disco and toss around so they are evenly coated
5. Allow to dry on a parchment covered cookie sheet for a few minutes
6. VOILA! Disco covered blueberries make a sparkly finish to any delicious dessert!

Here is Zac with his sparkly blueberries. Visit him at David Burke Kitchen for some delicious treats. (http://www.davidburkekitchen.com) tell him Rebecca sent you!


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Congrats are in order…

I have seen so many interns come and go working here at the bakery.  I love that I am friends with most of them on Facebook so I can see what is going on in their lives after RBI Cakes.

So I do believe our congratulations are in order! Our former intern Jason married his partner James over the weekend in Astoria, NY.  All of us here at the bakery wish you many years of happiness!

Congrats Jason & James! Photos courtesy of Priscilla (principal photographer) of Leaf Shutter Studio. http://leafshutterstudio.com/

Top left photo: Jay is listening intently to Chef Francois Payard talking about piping techniques. Top right photo: Ron and Jay at the bakery. Bottom photo: Jay and the RBI Cakes crew looking at Jay’s pot luck lunch on his last day at the bakery.

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What a fun Sunday…

So this past weekend I went home back to New Hampshire to spend time with family and friends.   It was a very nice rest after a very long month of wedding cakes.  I think the highlight of my weekend was hanging out with one of my best friends, Steff and her boyfriend Ken and we went to Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire to take in some sun and relaxation.  One of the sights Steff and Ken wanted to show me was the sand sculptures.  For all of you sugar artists out there…I think you can easily translate your medium into sand!  They had a few sand sculptors on hand to demonstrate their techniques and they use a lot of similar tools that we use here in the bakery.  Who knew?

The sculptures were really amazing, they pay just as much attention to detail as we do on our cakes.

It was a beautiful day at Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire, blue skies, great friends and old NH beach favorites!

A trip to the beach is not complete without going to Seabrook, NH to Brown’s for lobster, steamers and lobster rolls. The view for our dinner was spectacular! Of course to end our fantastic day, a scoop of homemade ice cream from Haywards in Nashua, NH before I went back to my parents house. It was a great weekend!

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Is that color I am seeing?

Appointments have been kind of exciting lately.  Like with fashion color is coming back into the wedding cake.  Our clients are making wonderful, bold choices for the décor of their wedding cakes this season.  If you do decide to go with this bold choice, keep it relevant.  You don’t want to make the cake the color of a Smurf, nobody wants a picture of you chewing on that.   The additional sugar décor should compliment and enhance the color choice.

A small cake for 50 can make an elegant statement by using a light green fondant and all white flowers.

Here is a really fun play on color. The ombre look is very trendy this season. You see it in fashion, hair color and on cakes too.

Purple is a color we are seeing a lot of lately. It looks great in lighter as well as darker tones.

This particular cake is inspired by the brides shoes.

One of the most dramatic colors of course is black. This cake makes a statement and we love it when our clients take the leap and go bold.


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