Seriously, you can never run out of inspiration…

Ron and I were invited to the Newly Wish “tastemakers” event in the Wedgewood show room last night.  The “tastemakers” featured some of our favorite industry professionals styling place settings with Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton china and stemware.

(left to right) Xochitl Gonzalez of Always a Bridesmaid, myself and stylist for "Tastemakers" photo shoot Eric Hildebrand, Mayra Castillo of Always a Bridesmaid, Ron & Ceci of Ceci New York, Marcy Blum and Lord Wedgewood, Ron and Ceci Johnson

These “tastemakers” mixed, matched and coordinated different styles, textures and designs.  Was it inspirational? You bet!  It’s always fun to see what other people put together.  Be inspired by whimsy, color and design.  If you ever run out of ideas for your cake décor – run to the nearest place that sells china.  There are all sorts of inspirations waiting for you.  It could be the shape of the dish, scrollwork on the edge of the plate or the color palette.  All of these things can translate into fantastic ideas for cake design.

Tastemaker place settings from left to right: Mayra & Xochitl "City Chateau", Mark Ingram "Classic with a Modern Twist", Jorge Perez "Entertaining with Style", Ceci Johnson "Modern Graphic", Lord Wedgewood "Quinessential British Elegance", Marcy Blum, "Rhapsody in Blues" and Abby Larson "Vintage Chic". Photos provided by Karen Mordechai Photography, Styling provided by Eric Hildebrand and Florals by Melarosa.

One thought on “Seriously, you can never run out of inspiration…

  1. First of all…I love your website Rebecca, thank you very much! I can’t wait to see if you have sent out new emails everyday, so thanks so much. I would like to let Mr.Ron Ben Israel know, my son who is 20 watches Sweet Genius and can quote Mr Ron Ben Israel to a SCIENCE!
    I love to bake and, Mr Ron Ben Israel’s show Sweet Genius, has inspired me to go to culinary school. Can’t wait ! The problem at my house is, my son, (minnie Ron) he thinks he’s Mr Ron Ben Israel. Everytime I bake something.. it’s either sweet….. but tasty…… creamy texture, pleasant, but fun.. But am I a Sweet Genius! I think so! We go to the beach (he’s a surfer) and if I don’t find any shells, well….I’m no beach genius Seriously!! Game on Mr.Ron Ben Israel!! one day I hope to be on your show! depending on how long it takes me to finish school! but, I have 30 years of baking so….. I consider myself ahead of the game. Thanks again, A Florida Sweet Genius! (Mother).

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