It seems like we are always looking ahead…

October is almost over and it’s been quite a season.  However the work is never done.  Just because the second part of the season is over, that does not mean that we don’t look ahead to what the new year will bring.

We are already meeting with brides for winter and spring weddings.  They are bringing very exciting color palettes to the table.  It’s nice to see color coming back into elegant celebrations.  We are also seeing lots of textures – ruching, lace and ribbons.  As much as we love producing elegant and “simple” cakes, we do get excited at the prospect of developing new techniques for our creations.  This is our time to start exploring all of these options, stretching our creative arms and researching and experimenting new ideas.  Not just for the décor on the outside of the cakes but for our flavors as well.  It’s one of the things I really appreciate about working here.  Ron challenges us all to be creative and try new things. We do this in a team environment where we all learn from each other and expand on our ideas.


So just because we will see some “down” time, does not necessarily mean we won’t be busy.  We have lots of new and exciting projects coming up besides our cake creations and we can’t wait to share them with you.

One thought on “It seems like we are always looking ahead…

  1. I love “Sweet Genius”. I’m so glad it’s going to continue. Ron is soooo talented. Wish he would appear out Wes; i.e. Arizona.

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