Sales calls out of the blue….you know my not so favorite thing…

Here is the scenario of a sales call I just received at the bakery:

Me: Good afternoon Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Caller: May I speak with the owner of the company?

Me: No you may not, you can chat with me.

Caller: Are you the owner?

Me: Nope

Caller: Well I would like to speak to the owner.

Me: You can’t.

Caller: Well ok, I am calling you today to discuss Google.

Me: Is this a sales call?

Caller: No it is not.

Me: Then why are you calling me to discuss Google.  Are you going to ask me for money?

Caller: No I am not.

Me: So what would you like from me?

Caller:  How would you like to be listed in the top position of a Google web search?

Me: Do you know what the name of our website is?

Caller: No

Me: It’s  Are you in front of a computer?

Caller: Yes.

Me: Please type in in your Google search engine.

Caller: (a pause) oh…

Me: I am already at the top of the search, how much were you going to charge me for your service?

Caller: Well the plans start at $1,000.

Me: I thought you said you weren’t going to ask me for any money?

Caller: Well, I uh, I never really said…

Me: I asked you if this was a sales call and you said no, and I asked if you were going to ask me for any money and you said no.  SO how is this not a sales call?

Caller: Well, this isn’t a sales call, it’s telemarketing.

Me: For the 8th time this week, I am asking politely for you to take me off your calling list.  And by the way telemarketing means you solicit sales and services over the telephone.  That is a SALES CALL.  Please stop calling me.  Thanks. Bye.

7 thoughts on “Sales calls out of the blue….you know my not so favorite thing…

  1. Thank you for this~ I do nearly the same q & a for my business … including giving the caller my keywords and the listening to the silence at the other end when they realize they can’t get me higher that 1-3 for all of my queries on Google.

    I love all of your posts … thank you so much 🙂

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