There is a hurricane coming, let’s discuss delivering cakes…

Because there is a hurricane coming to New York City and the tri-state area this weekend, I thought I might take this opportunity to discuss how we deliver our cakes. (In a cardboard box!!!!!  That’s how.) How many times on television have we seen a baker deliver a cake that is not in a cardboard box.  This drives me crazy!!!!  You have a client that pays a lot of money for a cake, you have paid your staff to work on that cake and then you just put it in the back of a van without the protection of a box? Really??

We deliver ALL of our cakes in a sealed box.  A couple of reasons for this;

The cardboard box keeps the cake protected and SAFE.

The cardboard box keeps the cake clean.  Need I say more (I could, but I won’t).

On the left one of our cakes in it's cardboard box before the edges of the box get sealed with packing tape. The cake on the right is all sealed up and ready to go.

The cardboard box is actually a great insulator and keeps the cake nice and cold.  (All of our cakes are delivered cold.  The cold keeps them fresh and your clients can keep them out longer at their events while coming to proper room temperature.  More exposure for your cake and more bang for your clients buck.)

Delivering a cake to The Plaza Hotel in New York City. As much as I love the city I live in, do you know how much smog and grime is in the air? That is why the cake is in a box, to keep it clean!

What if it rains?  Have you ever seen what happens to fondant when it comes in contact with water?  The fondant melts. It’s a horrible sticky mess.

Ron built some special shelving units in the kitchen to be able to store the boxes we use for delivering all of our cakes.

Is it an extra cost to get the boxes? Yes it is.  Is it a pain in the butt to store the boxes? Yes it is.  But you will be thankful in the end when you deliver your beautiful, clean, un-rained on cake into the venue.  Your cake will look amazing (and dry!) and your clients will be happy.  (And so will I!)

And on a serious note – those of you that do live on the East Coast and are going through this messy weather, please be safe!


11 thoughts on “There is a hurricane coming, let’s discuss delivering cakes…

  1. Thank you, I am really happy, everyday can see your blog, to learn new knowledge of the wedding cake. This time ,NEW YORK have a strong hurricane, please be careful!your chinese fans.

  2. I too deliver my cakes in boxes, mainly because it’s easier for me, but I always thought that all that sugar and fondant were keeping the bacterias away…I’m probably wrong.

  3. I love that you posted this! It seems unrealistic (and gross) not to mention un professional to deliver cakes with no box or any type of cover. Love Ron and the whole staff – and this blog!

  4. We use a box too, for all our cakes. @LydiafromIsrael, I usually size the box to the cake drum so if the cake drum is a 16″ round, I use a 16x16x16 box. I get the larger sizes from the UPS store. This keeps the cake from sliding because the edges of the drum are against the sides of the box. I agree it is so much safer to transport a cake in a box like this. One of my friends, Victoria, likes to use a clear acrylic box made specifically for this purpose but I can’t remember who the manufacturer is. There is a rod that goes from top to bottom (straight through the cake) to secure it but again, I am not familiar with it so can’t speak to the details of how it works.

  5. Hi, I’m new here but loving everything I have read so far! May I just clarify, it is part of your service to take the cake out of the box and put it on the, i.e. cake table, right? So does that mean you can take back and reuse the box? For all the reasons you listed, it is awesome to use a box for delivery but it begs the question that your client of course paid for this service as well. I am just curious, do you mean to say that the other bakers charge for this as well but do not use the box?

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