A visit from one of the best…

How do you get two busy pastry chefs together?  You have to schedule it of course!  One of Ron’s friends and colleagues, François Payard, popped in the bakery today for some advice on American style wedding cakes. The talented and well-known pastry chef is giving a lecture over in Europe and wanted to show his colleagues something “new”.  So he stopped at the bakery for a chat with Ron.  The two talked about different techniques they used in each of their respective kitchens and Chef Francois had lots of questions on Ron’s cake decorating techniques.  He also demonstrated his piping skills on a worktable with piping gel.  Something my staff will not soon forget and will probably be practicing for the next three weeks.

How did the staff get to start their work day? Chef François brought them some baked treats from his own bakery. Delicious croissants and a classic french pear tart - yes please!
While walking around the bakery with Ron, Chef François asked questions about our techniques as well as sharing some of his own. He demonstrated his piping skills with pipping gel on a one of our work surfaces.
Ron, François and our head chef Jeffrey also discussed how to stack cakes - specifically our "topsy-turvy" cake. Not your traditional cake structure and something he would like to talk about for his own lecture.
At the end of his visit, Ron wanted to go outside and see François motorcycle and pretend to ride on it and have his picture taken. And some how I ended up on the motorcycle too...

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