It’s summer, perfect time for fresh flavors…

We all know one of Ron’s big rules of thumb is not only do you have a cake that looks amazing, you must have a cake that tastes great.  One of his favorite ways to dine is “farm to table”.  This methodology centers around produce purchased locally to ensure its freshness and at the same time supporting the local farmer. (A farm is a small business too, just like us bakeries.)  Why not take that concept and apply it to your ingredients when baking? Our most popular flavors of cake are chocolate and vanilla.  But it’s summer and this is one of the best times for fresh ingredients.  So why not try a new cake recipe or buttercream and visit the local farmers market and see what they have to offer.  Most local markets offer dairy, eggs, nuts, fruits and spices.

Fresh yummy fruits at the market. Visit local farmers markets to see what's fresh, talk to farmers about their favorite flavors of combinations and be inspired by local produce.

This concept can be exciting for both chef and client.  What seasonal ingredients are available to incorporate into your usual repertoire?  Fresh fruits of course are always a given, but how about trying something new?   How about fresh basil? Try a citrus cake with a sweet basil buttercream.  Or take your favorite summertime drink and turn it into a cake. Why not a berry flavored cake with a light vanilla mint filling.

(Left to right) Lemon cake with fresh lemon curd buttercream. Peach cobbler cake with pecan and vanilla buttercreams. Almond cake with coconut buttecream and dark chocolate ganache.

It’s exciting for us to see our clients think outside the box when they design a cake, but it’s more thrilling when they push the envelope and “design” their own flavors.

One thought on “It’s summer, perfect time for fresh flavors…

  1. I love how Ron uses such wonderful ingredients… I work in ganache, but have been playing with a chai inspired flavour… I have to experiment with some fresh ingredients… Love the farmers market idea! Love the small business and customer service inspired posts. Great work.

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