A special guest in the bakery…

We had a special visitor in the bakery yesterday.  A Miss Madeline Cavalli.  She is my dear friend’s niece.  Madeline is at sewing camp this week in the city.  She has seen Ron on television many times and thought it was neat that I knew someone who was on TV.  My friend Sharon made arrangements with me for Miss Madeline to come in and meet Ron in person.

Ron showed Madeline around the bakery and gave her a little insight as to what he does everyday. She also had the chance to make her Aunt Sharon and herself a little yummy snack in our kitchen.
Miss Madeline concentrating really hard on frosting her cakes. She finished her cakes off with some delicious chocolate "pearls". (We actually used cake scrapes and cutters to make our own custom small cake tiers for Madeline to frost - this is also a fun idea for little kids parties so your scraps don't go to waste.)
Ron and Miss Madeline.
Thanks for coming to visit us Maddie!

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