Busy season, round two…

It’s that time of the summer where we start looking ahead to the second part of the busy season.  Our brides are starting to get in all of there paperwork: we are getting photos of flowers, wedding dresses, samples of invites, brides are stopping by to pick up additional tastings and dropping off swatches.  Lots of bits and pieces of information that makes every cake we do important.

One of my biggest fears is always losing those bits of information.  I have to be methodical and focused when putting client’s paperwork together so the right information stays in the right place, always making sure their paper work is updated and the kitchen and production room have the most current information, that the delivery schedule is all set and the addresses are correct.

Our staff is really great about communicating with each other and making sure we are all on the same page.  It’s important to have a proper flow of information so that we can all get our jobs done.

With that said, it’s round two of the busy season. And to all of our bakery friends who do what we do, take a deep breath, smile and make beautiful cakes.  Round two of the “season” is upon us…

Buttercream flavors, cake samples, flowers and lace...oh my!

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