Ming’s last day….

It’s Ming’s last day as an intern at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes.  What did he pick for his pot luck lunch?  Pizza, and it was delicious.  Our staff is not only trained in making delicious cakes alone.  They are also culinary giants in the kitchen!

Our staff can whip up a delicious pot luck lunch like it's nobodies business! Thank you Sarah Dengel for once again making your delicious roasted red pepper pizza sauce.

Ming is on his way back to Singapore to visit his family for a few weeks and then back up to the Culinary Institute of America to finish his schooling.  Best of luck Ming!

Ron & Ming. After this photo was taken, this was the last cake that Ming boxed up.

2 thoughts on “Ming’s last day….

  1. Hi Rebecca, I read your post on how people cheat and use other cake designer’s hard work and call them as their own without even asking for permission.. today I saw one more website doing the same thing. I think this website is using your cake image in the romance section . Please check and ask them to remove it if the cake belongs to Mr. Ron because I think it does.. I am a cake designer myself and I know how this feels..


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