Dusting flowers…

One my favorite parts of our flower making process is the dusting.  To me this is when the sugar flower comes to life.   Sugar flowers are all in some various stage of “bloom” in the production room on any given day.  Today, Sarah was dusting some Phalaenopsis orchids.

Sugar flower dusting process.
This is our lovely Sarah Dengel, on the left, she is all geared up for dusting flowers, the dust gets every where. This is what Sarah normally looks like on the right. (Not covered in blue & purple dusting colors!)

One thought on “Dusting flowers…

  1. Felicitaciones por toda tu obra! Soy una gran admiradora tuya y de tu equipo, estuve en su atelier en New York en setiembre pasado para conocerlo. Un gran saludo desde Montevideo Uruguay.

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