An unusual wedding cake…

Every now and then we get a request for an unusual wedding cake.  Such was the case for a couple getting married at the Intercontinental in Boston, Massachusetts.  The couple had spent a lot of time in various parts of Asia, and the request for the wedding cake was a very large pagoda, with a pair of panda bears.  Of course we happily obliged…

The more unusual cakes can be a bit more challenging, specifically when it comes to structure.
The staff molding and stacking away...
Each week I am blown away by the staff's attention to detail. This cake was no exception...
The finished cake. It was about 3 feet tall and was delivered to Boston, Massachusetts.

7 thoughts on “An unusual wedding cake…

  1. It’s just amazing the level of perfection you’re able to achieve. It’s really hard to make a cake perfectly perpendicular with such exact lines. Bravo!

  2. This is spectacular.. There are no words to describe how i felt when i saw it. But, can i ask u one thing. How much u charge for a cake like this. I really want to know plz. 😀

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