Panasonic event…

The Panasonic event was great! While Ron was waiting for his part of the presentation, I was able to get a little more hands on knowledge of the camera. Brian Marcus gave some great tips about photography and Senior Product Manager of Panasonic; Darin Pepple was engaging and very excited about the release of this new product. He shared with us even more things that this little camera is capable of.

Ron's demo setup. Ron is in the background chatting it up with our delightful colleague, Anne Chertoff.
Brian Marcus (on the left, standing) is demonstrating some of his favorite features of the new Lumix GF3.

Participants were able to use the cameras by photographing wedding ‘vignettes’ that were setup. The knowledgeable staff of Panasonic was close at hand to answer any questions and Brian Marcus was able to talk about lighting, posing your subjects, depth of field and other various issues a wedding photographer would deal with. Ron was last in the presentation with a cake decorating demo and his thoughts on how important photography is to the bakery and business.

Participants were able to get close and take action shots of Ron decorating a wedding cake.
Of course the cake looks just as beautiful inside! We served chocolate and vanilla cake with blackberry and blood orange fillings.

Over all it was a great demo, it was fun being able to try out something before the release date and get the insiders scoop on a new gadget! I would also like to thank Michelle Overall from Star Power and Blayne Murphy of Cohn & Wolf for inviting us and putting on a great event. Well done ladies and well done Panasonic!

***All of the above pictures were shot on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3C camera.

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