You watch our back…

There are bakers out there who lift our pictures off of our website, put them on their own websites (without our credit) and pass them off as their own.  Or the latest issue we are dealing with is someone who took almost all of our pictures off of our website and created an iPhone app without our permission and without our credit.

How do we know these things happen?  Because of our tight knit cake community.  Our colleagues and friends watch our back – they email us and call us to let us know who is stealing our photos and passing it off as there own work. (and we do the same for our baker friends)  IF it were not for our friends, we would never know that this occurs.  The internet is a very large place and hard to monitor.

So for those of you out there that steal our photos and our friends photos to pass off as your own work…eventually it will catch up to you.  Your client will ask you to make a cake that looks like one of ours.  Good luck, I hope you are talented enough to pull something like that off – otherwise you will have extremely disappointed clients and perhaps a lawsuit on your hands if you can’t deliver.  Keep it honest people, this is all any of us ask!

And for our friends out there in cake decorating land that keep us informed, we can’t say THANK YOU enough!!!!  We appreciate that you are looking out for us…

6 thoughts on “You watch our back…

  1. Stealing from RBI Cakes is just beyond crazy, because let’s face it, there aren’t many who could replicate them, so why put yourself in that position?? How can you possibly get away with it? These people are just lazy, unimaginative and obviously lack enough of their own talent to be in business.

  2. This happens to me constantly … and I’m blessed to have colleagues that warn me about it!

    I am always shocked to see how many ‘professional’ bakers think nothing of stealing my photos, designs and even text passages from my web site.

    Sites like Flickr, Etsy, personal web sites, FaceBook – I’ve found my work everywhere and it is so disappointing.

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. It’s a problem for sure. I went to a class at a cake artist’s studio in NYC last spring. One woman in the class actually copied a cake in her studio exactly during class. We were supposed to be creating original designs in the class with this cake artist’s help. To top that, she saw that there were medallions leftover from when the original cake artist had made the original dummy cake on a baking sheet. She suggested that the cake artist wouldn’t be needing them, so she’d just use them on her cake. She told us how she had copied a bunch of cakes from others and she uses them at wedding shows back home. None of us could believe it. I realize that to some extent there are some cakes that are just 3 round tiers with a few flowers on them, that those might start looking similar; but copying other’s work or worse yet, just using their pictures–I just don’t get it.

  4. Wow.. they can at least say this picture isn’t their own.. but they can replicate the cake if they feel they have the talent.. That’s just tasteless and I’m sure will be very embarrassing when the customers find out they are taking credit for others hard work and talent!.. Let’s just keep spreading the word and eventually they will stop.. but I think the person who made the iphone app should be sued!

  5. That has happened to me too and was notified by a fan of my Facebook page and is very upsetting. How dare these people steal your beautiful and perfect cakes. I can only imagine how crappy their cake are that they have to steal yours to try and get some business.

  6. Some people are just brazen! If they think they are talented enough to replicate a RBI design (and let’s face it..the odds are against them) then why can’t they just come up with their own design and take their own photo? It will come back to bite them…

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