It’s always good to give back…

It’s always good to give back to the community you live in.  This is one thing that Ron lives by and strives to do as best he can, personally and as a business owner.

One of the charities that Ron supports is City Harvest (he sits on their Chef’s Council).  They are a wonderful institution that that rescues food from various businesses, restaurants and bakeries in New York City and re-distributes to nearly 600 community programs. They rescue almost 77,000 pounds of food each day and help to feed over 300,000 people each week. (for some fast facts about the organization

So how do we help out City Harvest? We sometimes get clients who get much more cake than they need.  As a suggestion, Ron asks if they would like to donate the remaining uncut tiers of cake to City Harvest.  (The client gets the wedding cake of their dreams and a tax donation!)  It makes us feel really good that our clients want to help and they can do a bit of a “good deed” for their wedding.  We also donate tastings to two of their big fundraisers each year.  We promote them through our social media outlets and even one of Ron’s press photos is of him sitting in a City Harvest Truck.

Even if you can’t help out financially, there are lots of little ways to help out a supported cause close to your heart.  Volunteer, post something on your Facebook page, donate an auction item or donate your services.  Organizations like City Harvest have many ways for people to help out.  So pick a worthy cause and give back, don’t just do it because it’s the “right” thing to do, but do it because it feels good.

So last night Ron, our head chef Jeffrey, our intern Emma and myself volunteered for City Harvest’s Summer in the City Event.  It’s a great big tasting event with lots of food and drink from generous restaurants that donate their time and food and beverage as well.  It’s a great event and we always have a lot of fun and it’s for a very worthy cause…

Here is part of our setup. We always bring display cakes with us. This time we decided to do a "duo" of desserts and featured our candy bar flavors, "Almond Joy" & "Milky Way".
I am at the left plating in my nice clothes (remember my title has "etc..." in it). The middle photo is our head chef Jeffrey and out intern Emma, and of course it would not be an event if Ron did not grab one of the guests for a little impromptu dancing.
It was a great event! We love seeing happy guests eat cake, running into our past wedding clients (who are now having a baby! Mazel Tov!) and reconnecting with our industry friends.
Delicious treats from the Mile End Deli in Brooklyn (on the left) and a delicious tomato jam on the right by Great Performances.
Delicious goat taco with all of the fixings on a fresh cooked corn tortilla.
Ron with some of the people that make this event happen and run City Harvest. On the left, Ron is with our dear friend Naomi Giges Downey, Director of Special Events & Chef Partnerships. The middle photo is City Harvest's fearless leader Jilly Stephens, Executive Director and all around wonderful person. And to the right is Tes Cohen, very hard worker and Coordinator of Volunteer Services. We salute you ladies and the rest of the staff for really making a difference for our community in New York City.

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