Fun visits from our baker friends….Elisa Strauss!!!!

One of our favorite bakers came for a visit and had lunch with us, the one and only Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes.  Ron and Elisa are very good friends and every now and then she comes to the bakery to spread her happiness and smile.  (And many fun pictures of her adorable daughter!)

Elisa's visit started with lunch. She was all "woe is me" but Ron wasn't buying it...
Once lunch was finished, Ron sent Elisa in the back with our head chef Jeff to get the dishes done. (That's right, he makes his baker friends do the dishes! 🙂 ) I don't think Elisa minded though...
Ron even brought the scrap bowl to Elisa - which of course was filled with Red Velvet scraps of cake. (Her recipe too!) She was just doing a little quality control.
Ron thought he would brush up on his "theme" cake techniques with Elisa's books.
But she caught him!!!
Elisa told Ron not to worry about it, he does a good job too. 🙂
Till next time Elisa...always fun when you come for a visit!

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