Putting it together…. The Plaza Hotel Part 2

The day that we delivered to the Plaza Hotel was kind of nice outside, a little cloudy.  We were delivering to a 20×20 tent right next to the fountain in the front of the hotel.  All of the pieces made it in one piece.  About 25 minutes later a freak thunderstorm happened and the whole staff was holding down the sides of the tent.  Lucky enough for us, no water damaged had occurred.  Once the tent was secured and our security guards in place (yes – we had security!), the team got started putting the structure together.  They had 3 days until the event to complete the cake under the tent.

Unloading the truck on 59th Street.
Getting the last piece of the structure into the tent.
Starting to figure out how the wooden platform is pieced together.
Once the wood platforms were fastened together, and the building was secured to the platforms, the roof was then put into place.
Once the entire structure was put into place, the details were applied to the structure.
Adding details to the staircase in the front of the building.
Laying down the rest of the sidewalk.
Adding the finishing touches of bronze to the roof.
Some of the staff etched in their initials in the sidewalk.
The finished Plaza Hotel under the tent. The "cake" part was the street. We baked the day before and was an easy install the day off.Now for the scary part, taking the tent off of the cake.
Details of the 5th Avenue entrance. Notice the "stained glass" windows.
The 59th Street entrance.
Ron standing in front of the cake chatting it up with the press. To get the color of the building, we used Satin Ice Fondant and added spices to it to give it the flecks you see in the stones.
At the event with the guests and the cake. It was a pretty impressive sight.
To top off the celebration, Grucci provided fireworks for the party. It really was a spectacular sight!

The crew finished the cake 3 hours before their deadline.  We cleaned up and let the rest of the event staff do their thing.  The RBI crew was invited to the party.  It was a lot of fun watching everybody take their pictures in front of the cake and seeing their excitement over something so large and made out of sugar. Ron was very proud of the staff for their creativity and ingenuity in putting something of this magnitude together.

To see a behind the scenes video of this project filmed for the Martha Stewart show:


It’s the last video in our media section.

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