Special Guest on the blog today…. Ron Ben-Israel!!!

In the midst of a hectic Friday morning, I have asked Ron to take a moment and share with everyone a couple of tips for brides and bakers that will help make the planning process a bit smoother.  He happily obliged….

1. Sometimes less is more when adding details to a design.

2. Cake budget is determined by: size+style+expertise of artisan.

3. Get creative! Go for original creations rather than copying another’s work.

4. The location and time of the year should be considered when designing the wedding cake.

5. Make your wedding cake consultation at least 6 months in advance.

6. Compose your cake like a dessert. Have fun with flavors.

7. Keep an open mind!  Brides come in with one idea and leave with another.

8. Think what ingredients are available to you during the seasons: citrus in the fall, strawberries in early summer and chocolate all year round.

9. Sugar flowers from your wedding make a wonderful lasting keepsake. Provide your caterer a box for sugar flowers/objects.

10. Often the cake is the last impression of the reception, make it a reflection of who you both are.

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