Ron Ben-Israel ….not just a baker…

He doesn’t just bake folks….he changes printer toner too.  Just another day in the “office” for Ron Ben-Israel.  Ron likes to keep it “real” and do menial everyday office tasks. (He knows I am writing this by the way, he even said it was ok for me to take pictures of this whole thing…not that he had a choice really.)

OK so this is what really happened… Ron wanted me to change the toner in the printer because he forgot “how” to do it.  Now mind you, this is a printer he had WAY before I had even started working for him over 4 years ago.  So I told him “no” and he had to change it himself….then hilarity ensues…..

Ron is getting ready to change the toner in the printer. He looks happy now....
I really don't know why he looks so afraid...'s just toner. You would think there was a large furry spider in that box.
It's just cardboard, he didn't break the toner cartridge. Although by the look on his face...
This does come with directions by the way, which were folded up neatly on Ron's desk. 🙂
I hate to see how Ron cleans his refrigerator...
A job well done sir, that wasn't so bad now was it?

I would like to thank Ron Ben-Israel for having such a great sense of humor…

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