Just a friendly reminder about the “consultation process”…

In our business, the first step in the cake process is meeting with the client. (If it weren’t for our clients we would have nothing to bake!) We love it when our clients can come in for a consultation, after all you get to talk cakes for an hour with Ron or another one of our designers and better yet, you a get to try cake too.  Visually and taste wise it’s a feast for all!  (There is a point and I am getting to it…)

So without stepping on anyone’s toes, how can this experience be most beneficial to both the client and the cake designer? (There…I got to my point…)

1. We have all heard this one before (and yeah I am going to say it again)…please be on time for your appointment.  Driving? Plan ahead with traffic reports, figure out what subway you are taking. Keep in mind that we are a small business and in our business we rely on our appointments to book the work.  If you are not on time for your appointment you are doing a disservice to yourself because we can only give you a one hour consultation.  (During that full hour we design a cake with you and do a tasting and usually the design process gets cut short.)

2. Turn off your mobile device.  We are dedicated to making your celebration cake look the best it possibly can.  We are giving you the courtesy of sitting down with you and our undivided attention and we kindly ask that you do the same.  Besides, an hour without answering your phone could be like a mini-vacation!

3. Please ask before you take pictures.  Ron and his crew have worked hard on every display cake and technique that you see in the bakery. We are very protective of all of these things.  It’s possible that you are taking a photo of something that has not even been published yet, which is extremely unfair to the publisher who has commissioned the work.  We will allow for photographs, just please ask first. (By the by….Ron loves having his picture taken!)

4. When sitting in a design session, allow us to run the meeting.  After years of Ron meeting clients, he has developed a formula for your session.  All of the designers follow this formula to maximize your hours’ consultation and tasting.  We will ask you every possible question regarding your event to help facilitate a custom design for your cake.  Of course we don’t want to do all the talking and hope that you pipe in about the favorite things going on in your celebration, however, there is a process and it’s best to follow it.

5.  Lastly, have some trust in us.  Ron has been doing this for over 15 years.  We are the professionals and that is why you come to RBI Cakes.  Please allow us to do our job for you. (Really – it’s what we want to do!!!)  We will never let something go out the door that Ron and the client do not love.  We are very mindful and proud of the work that we do and try to make every cake special and custom.  We want all of our clients to be happy with the work that we produce for them.

So whether you own your own bakery or you are the client, these are just some tips to keep it easy for everyone in the planning process. Just trying to keep it sweet!

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